Jensen Ackles - season 9 gag reel

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HARRY & LUKE TREADAWAY [b. September 10th 1984]

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keira knightley + benedict cumberbatch → tiff portraits

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Playing with the fan (x)

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Jensen with a camera.

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Best Gag Reel Moments Popping Jared’s bottle top. [x]

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Eric Kripke on why the show has gone 10 years.


x That is credit to Jared and Jensen, the unbelievable charisma that those guys have both together as a unit and separately as actors.

I can ramble about the structure of the seasons etc but it’s really because of jared and jensen.
It helps that it is a show we loved writing but ultimately it was those guys, that’s why we have been on ten years.

People love them and they love them as brothers.

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"I’m not gonna leave you." 

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Harry & Luke Treadaway 

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